Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm not big on documenting stuffs.
I don't take pictures. I don't keep a diary. Even this blog- a supposed "journal" has only been filled with detached accounts of my feelings. Not my life. No documentary at all.

I suppose this situation is understandable as I don't think I've done anything worth documenting after all. Then I'm hit with another epiphany- 18 years. And nothing to define me by?

I don't know. When I look back.. I guess there's little I could be proud of in my life. There's little than could distinguish me from others.
And sad thing is, when asked what makes me different, most people around me will say that it's because of my extremely fair skin.

My boyfriend even named his email account in honour of my fair skin (elskin (creepy)).

 I don't think that's an achievement at all.
But yeah. I guess I done so few things that having a fair skin is my only accomplishment.

How terribly unfortunate.

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