Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Turning page

They say, if a certain someone crosses your mind, you'd want to be in contact with them. This will then lead to a text, or a phone call or a nudge on MSN (lol who am I kidding no one uses MSN anymore). It's completely normal, I guess.

But what do you do, if that person does not in fact just, cross your mind? They occupy your mind 24/7 like.. parasites. Yeah.

Do you text them 24/7 then?
Well from here it might sound completely absurd- to be in contact with the same person all day, every day. And I agree it probably is. To me, it's almost humanly impossible even.
But of course, time after time it's proven that my knowledge about the mass' social interaction among each other is basically non-existent.
Because there are people who does this. They are in contact with the person they want to be in contact with 24/7. Of course this will effect their bills and their everyday behaviour but the point here is - it is possible.

I'm losing my point.
I guess the idea of being in contact with the one you like is pretty inspiring. I don't blame people for wanting that. However, what is the leverage to ensure that the conversation does not go stale?
So here's the dilemma of which I'm speaking of right now - what do you do if you like someone enough to want to talk to them all the time but at the same time, after a while, you know you won't be able to engage each other's attention anymore?

And the conversation will turn awkward and then you're forced to accept the inevitable goodbyes. So you say goodbye just to anticipate the next time you'll be in contact again.
Where's the logic in that?

How do one live with that much suspense in their lives?
I guess you could say it will come naturally- the flair to avoid awkward convos with your crush. But that's not the case for me (yes, I am my favourite subject).

Or maybe my crush is being overplayed in my mind and I don't even like him that much.
Which is why, our conversation always go stale.

This is something to ponder upon.
I don't know, I have a feeling that I'd just give up on ~love life~ and be happy with my future cats.
Future filled with cats sounds pretty happy, honestly. I don't know why in the west they consider it pathetic.

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