Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If this was a movie

I guess my anger subsides too quickly.
People say it's noble.

It is I guess. But nobility doesn't get you anywhere in this world. People don't care about nobility. They would most probably take advantage of it.
It opens you to so many doors of heartache.

I don't think it's a choice you know.
No one chooses to be good all the time; to feel so little anger and have so much care to give. Even to those whom so obviously don't deserve the care- much less wants it.
There're so many other people I will meet in the future, insyaallah. I'm terrified of the prospect of meeting the wrong person again.
I'm genuinely scared that I won't last in the real world. I trust people so easily.
I don't learn from my mistakes.

My biggest flaw is believing that everyone has a little bit of good inside even if they've proven time after time that they're rotten inside and out.
I'm a pushover. That's who I am.
It's all I'll ever be..

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