Thursday, January 5, 2012

Irks me when girls expect boys to take care of their fragile heart.
When girls think boys owe them to be nice. Konon gentleman.

Don't expect to get favours just because you're a girl. It's degrading.
And pathetic to be honest.

I mean, of course there's nothing wrong with a little bit of niceness. But what about the fact that we're all humans. Boys have feelings too.

Why can't girls open the car doors for boys for once?
Or buys him credits when he's in need?
Why is it degrading for girls to spend money on guys when it's basically obligatory for guys to spend money on girls? Kalau tak spend, tak gentleman lah. ZzzZzZzZZ

What is all of this expectations that guys are to take care of girls? I mean, it's one thing if they're tied in marriage. But if the only that ties them is the term 'in a relationship'.. where does this logic comes from?

Idk, girls like to complain that they're look down upon because of their gender.
But at the same time they have no problem receiving petty favours that they could do themselves.

I mean, seriously.

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