Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All this love I have will turn into hate


Well yeah acceptance is good. It means you're content with whatever that's happening. And you're not beaten by whatever life throws at you.

That's one way to see it innit?
But what is life if you're always accepting? To feel like you deserve more but you settle for less because it's easier. And chances are, you will never get what you truly deserve. You accept and you try to be happy.

You know you don't deserve to feel like this.
You're a good person. You care. And you love with all you had to offer. You care so much that you're willing to overlook ever hurtful, mean things the party you care about throws at you. And unfortunately for you, your love won't subside.
Because you love unconditionally and despite knowing that you deserve better, you hurt instead.

I'm a great, kind person. I am insecure at times. I over think. I give up to easily. But I don't hurt people I care about. I don't see them flail and do nothing. I will never ever in my whole life turn my back against anyone who needs me.

I deserve someone to do the same for me. To accept my flaws. To accept that sometimes I care too much. To accept that I'm human and I have my faults. To not leave me when I get too annoying.
I deserve to be a someone in someone's life.

I am just tired of coming undone every single day when I thought I'm making progress.
I deserve better.

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