Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm on fire

I used to think it's lame when people self proclaim their awesomeness.
But I had a dream today - no, not in that solemn visionary Martin Luther King kinda way- a real dream, the ones that you get in your sleep.. Yeah.

So I had a dream today, well, more like an epiphany- in my sleep, that self proclaimed awesomeness is not lame if it is in actuality, a fact.
And thus I was taken aback by another vision, that I, well, I am indeed an awesome person.

Hence, lameness will not present itself when I proclaim,

I am awesome.

Indeed, I am. My awesomeness is too severe sometimes that I have to downplay it for the benefit of my peers. They simply do not understand the demands that has to be met by an awesome person such as myself. They often mistaken my natural impulse as an Awesomee (awesome + me) as an indicator of arrogance and whatnot.

I am awesome, I will continue to spread my awesomeness. And well,I will redirect myself to the path of which people of my kind have to constantly follow; the path of the legends.

Make no mistake because I am on the right track:

This is a game of which I am getting myself into. Because it's the league of the legends, my name is stamped all over it.

I am awesome. And my awesomity will be prolonged as long as I shall live.

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