Monday, December 12, 2011

Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

In 3 words I could sum up everything I've learned about life - it goes on.
-Robert Frost

And indeed it does. Bad things, horrible things, they happen everyday. At some point, you'll wake up the next day not knowing what you did to end up where you are now.
But you owe it to yourself to still continue your life.

It's not going to be easy but then again, nothing in life is ever easy. And you will feel like giving up. You might even give up altogether.

But wasting your life away is never the answer.

We all want time to stand still for awhile just so that we could catch up. I know I'm tired of trying to keep up. If I could just have a little breather, I know I could do better.
But that's not how life works. We make the most of time, not the other way around. 

As cliche as it may sound, you have to be the one who save yourself. You have to be your own hero. That's how you can survive. People, they're just going to hurt you. Those who you thought you can trust, turned their backs against you. Those who you thought would never leave you, left.

Ultimately, the only person you can count on is yourself.

I'm still struggling to pick up the pieces of myself. But I will survive.
I know I will.

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