Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tear me down.

She's not a person.

Why would anyone think she is? Why would anyone ever throw a second glance her way? Why does it matter if she's wasting her life away?

Because she's not a person.
Not for me anyways.

She can never be anything important in my life. Because she's not a person. I have things going on in my life.
She's not a person, why should I bother?

She's not important. No different than an inanimate object.
She can't be wounded. Even if she is, what does that has anything to do with me?
She's not a person.

Why isn't she a person? She's not a person because if she's a person, surely I'd feel something.
Surely I'd feel rotten for doing all of this to her.
But I don't feel anything. Because she's not a person. She's not a person.
Because if she ever leaves, I wouldn't notice. Her presence doesn't effect me in any way.

Why would I let her fall in the first place?
Because it happens. Because it didn't require any effort on my part. She did that herself.

Why did I lead her on?
Because it'll take effort to not lead her on. Besides, she's here already, might as well just do whatever I want with her. It might be nice to have an ego booster of sort, someone to be there for me when I feel bad about myself. Even if she's not a person, she could be very useful.

What about her then?
What about her? She's not a person. Even if she feels anything, she's still not a person. So why bother? I don't feel bad. I can't feel bad for an.. object. She certainly is not a person.

She's not a person.
And I, for one, don't have the slightest bit of desire to ever make things right with her. Because in the end, she wouldn't know the difference.
She's not a person.

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